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.. Welcome ..

Welcome to the Transformers fanfic contest! This community was created in order to promote great Transformers fic, and to reward those who work hard on their fanworks. That's why as a reward for those who win this monthly contest, you will be given paid livejournal time. Go ahead and read below to see how you can enter the contest.

.. Directions ..

1. Join the community. I cannot stress this enough, because I may lock the community entirely when I feel up to it.
1a. I, as the moderator, reserve the right to reject your join request if your journal is blank or your user info does not reflect that you are in any way interested in Transformers. This is, after all, a Transformers community.

2. Every other month, a new contest challenge will be posted. You will have a few weeks to submit your fanfics to me via e-mail. I will then post them on the 1st of the next month.

3. All work will be posted anonymously. Please send all of your fanfics to spotlightnoa@gmail.com. I will respond to every email with verification that I received it. If you do not receive an email from me, please ping me via IM or this post.

4. The fanfics will be posted by me on the first day of every month. The voting will run until the 7th of the month. The winner will be announced on the 8th of the month. Paid LJ accounts will be given on the 9th of the month (pay day!).

5. Randomly, sporadically, I will post TF ficlet memes. My favorite ficlets will be rewarded with paid LJ time. :P

6. Co-authored fics are allowed. However, they must be twice the length of the minimum word count required. If I ask for at least a 500 word fic, it must exceed 1,000 words. That way, it would be 500 words per author.

.. Prizes ..

Prizes can vary - sometimes I gave out Transformers toys or random goodies. Generally, though, the prizes are as follows.

1st Place - Two months paid LJ + 100 userpics
2nd Place - Two months paid LJ
3rd Place - Two months paid LJ

Special Prize - If I adore your fanfic for whatever personal reason, or feel you have put an extraordinary amount of effort into your fanfic (as in, 10,000 words or more) I may be inclined to send you a random, awesome Transformers prize. Really. This reward, however, will be handed out randomly and sparingly. But you never know!

.. Rules ..

1. Needless to say, slash/het/femmeslash is accepted and encouraged.

2. All ratings are allowed.

3. If I see blatant character bashing in a fanfic, I will send it back to you and deny it. I will use my own judgment as to what I consider blatant. However, you should know if you're guilty of this.

4. I will fix mistakes as I see fit. Grammar errors and spelling errors, at least. When you send it to me, be aware I might tinker with it a little, so please, please tell me if you do NOT want me to edit. If you are fine with me editing, but also want to reread it before I post it, please specify. I won't change wording or ghost write, I will just fix the little errors. =3 All I want to do is help you succeed.

5. No wank! D< I mean it! I'll sic the dinobots on you!

6. The rules for fanfic outlines (length, subject matter, OCs, etc) change with every contest. So a rule? CHILL. Go sit in the pool of lava with Galvatron and relax. I will post what should be in the fanfic and what should not be with every contest.

.. E-Mail Layout ..

My email is aaron_sadow_the_lost@yahoo.com.

When you send me your fic, please do so with this filled out.

Word Count:

Also, please send your file as a .doc attachment or .html attachment. Posting it into the body of the e-mail can sometimes distort the formatting.

Windows Vista users, please do not send it as a .docx.

.. Contact Info ..

E-mail: shadowshideout@yahoo.com (for questions & concerns)
E-mail: aaron_sadow_the_lost@yahoo.com (for contest entries)
Yahoo Messenger: shadowshideout@yahoo.com

.. Affiliates ..



Sadly, spotlight_noa is no longer co-moderating the community with me. This has forced me to change up a couple of the rules, but it was a smooth, painless transition. It's been fun, spotlight_noa! Thanks for getting the ball rolling. ^_^