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The Third Annual Holiday Ficlet Exchange!!



1. Respond to this post with fanfic requests - you can make up to three requests (the comments shall be screened).
1a. Use the following format when posting requests:
Preferred Rating:
2. On November 26rd, I will put all of the requests in a single post. (NOTE: You can still make requests in this post after November 26rd, and I will simply add it to the new post).
3. To fill a request, simply write the ficlet and respond with it on the next post, indicating which request you are filling.
4. If your request is filled, please feel free to respond to the person who wrote your ficlet! There's no point in anonymity when the request is filled. =)
4. You can fill as many requests as you like!
5. No ficlet should be longer than 1,000 words.
6. I urge you to write at least one fic if you make requests, but of course I cannot force you. ;-)
7. This will end on January 2, 2011 to cover everyone's winter holidays and bring in the new year with style. :D


this year, the winner gets a copy of the DW edition graphic novel of Transformers: War Within Vol. 1. (should you already have it, something else can be worked out after the exchange is over)

second place will get a set of two home made pillow cases, crafted from Bayverse fabric. (should you want other fabric, i'm happy to make something else, but you'd have to buy it as there isn't any currently on the domestic market, much to my sadness.)

Here are the requests, and all are numbered. If you want to fill a request, just respond in the comments with the number in the subject. Remember, all the ficlets should be posted in the comments of this post.

More than one person can fill a request, because it's interesting to see how people take each one. ;)

Remember, try to keep it to 1,000 words. If you can't, it's okay - I'll be lenient. But just try. ;)

Like last year, you may also continue to make requests at the original request post until the exchange closes on January 1.

have fun, everyone! i look forward to seeing what you come up with!

1. Continuity: TFA
Pairing: Prowl/Optimus
Prompt: Avalanche
Preferred Rating: Any

2. Continuity: G1
Pairing: Vortex/Blast Off
Prompt: mistaken identity
Preferred Rating: Any

3. Continuity: Any
Characters: Any Gestalt
Prompt: one of us is missing!
Preferred Rating: Any

4. Continuity: IDW
Characters/Pairing: Drift/Perceptor
Prompt/Premise: Drunk and horny.
Preferred Rating: Any will do.

5. Continuity: Any
Characters/Pairing: Slingshot/Silverbolt
Prompt/Premise: Embarrassed to ask.
Preferred Rating: Higher the better.

6. Continuity: Any.
Characters/Pairing: Thundercracker/Skywarp
Prompt/Premise: In this together.
Preferred Rating: Any.

7. Continuity: G1
Characters/Pairing: Jazz centric. Anyone else is fine too. ^^
Prompt/Premise: The lyrics of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qlz_Y4R4ok&ob=av3e I'd prefer if it was more of a comfort fic rather than straight up romantic, but I'm not picky. ^^ (here's a link to just the lyrics if that's more helpful http://www.metrolyrics.com/in-the-dark-lyrics-dj-tiesto.html)
Preferred Rating: It doesn't matter to me. ^

8. Continuity: Animated
Characters/Pairing: Rodimus/Ultra Magnus
Prompt/Premise: The taste of last summer (could have angst)
Preferred Rating: Can be T or R, either one a responder is willing to do.

9. Continuity: Animated
Characters/Pairing: Optimus/Bumblebee
Prompt: It happens suddenly/ Hologram
Preferred Rating: Any. Either adorable, or pornalicious.

10. Continuity: Generation 1
Characters/Pairing: Swindle/First Aid
Prompt/Premise: It was with some measured amount of horror that Swindle realized that First Aid was more important to him than money was or could ever be.
Preferred Rating: Any or all

11. Continuity: Generation 1
Characters/Pairing: Ironhide/Beachcomber
Prompt/Premise: I bet nobody's ever made dirty jokes around/about Beachcomber before.
Preferred Rating: Any or all

12. Continuity: Bayverse
Characters/Pairing: Jazz/Bumblebee
Prompt/Premise: Back up on Cybertron, pre-movie, copious amounts of fluff and love. No angsting about the end of the movie please.
Preferred Rating: Any or all

13. Continuity: Beast Wars
Characters/Pairing: Dinobot/Rattrap
Prompt/Premise: "Come not between the dragon and his wrath."
Preferred Rating: Any

14. Continuity: Animated
Characters/Pairing: Swindle & Dirge (or as a pairing)
Prompt/Premise: All or nothing
Preferred Rating: Any

15. Continuity: WFC (game version)
Characters/Pairing: Sideswipe
Prompt/Premise: If only you could see me now.
Preferred Rating: Any

16. Continuity: G1
Characters/Pairing: Jazz/Starscream
Prompt/Premise: "This wasn't what I had in mind..."
Preferred Rating: Any

17. Continuity: Shattered Glass
Characters/Pairing: Prime/Starscream
Prompt/Premise: "You scream so beautifully."
Preferred Rating: R/NC-17

18. Continuity: War for Cybertron
Characters/Pairing: Megatron/Orion Pax
Prompt/Premise: "I could teach you so much..."
Preferred Rating: Any

19. Continuity: War for Cybertron
Characters/Pairing: Optimus Prime, Ratchet
Prompt/Premise: We've know each other all this time and I hardly know you.
Preferred Rating: any

20. Continuity: G1
Characters/Pairing: Arcee/Hot Rod/Springer
Prompt/Premise: Hello stranger
Preferred Rating: R/NC-17

21. Continuity: G1
Characters/Pairing: Perceptor/Blaster
Prompt/Premise: Methods of communication
Preferred Rating: G

22. Continuity: TFA
Characters/Pairing: Blurr/Bumblebee
Prompt/Premise: Sometimes slow is better
Preferred Rating: any

23. Continuity: movie
Characters/Pairing: Ratchet/Optimus Prime
Prompt/Premise: This won't hurt...much
Preferred Rating: any

24. Continuity: G1
Characters/Pairing: Hound/Trailbreaker/Mirage
Prompt/Premise: I thought you told him...
Preferred Rating: any

25. Continuity: TFA
Characters/Pairing: Lockdown, Yoketron
Prompt/Premise: Ghosts
Preferred Rating: PG? Not picky.

26. Continuity: TFA
Characters/Pairing: Shockwave
Prompt/Premise: triumph!
Preferred Rating: no pref

27. Continuity: G1 or Bayverse
Characters/Pairing: Soundwave/Megatron
Prompt/Premise: "When I'm bored I send vibrations in your direction / through the satellite mind." ~Satellite Mind
Preferred Rating: Any

28. Continuity: G1
Characters/Pairing: Tracks/Blaster
Prompt/Premise: Radar Love
Preferred Rating: Any

29. Continuity: TFA
Characters/Pairing: Glyph and other(s)
Prompt/Premise: A call to tech support line regarding device received as gift.
Preferred Rating: PG-13 (or younger audiences)

30. Continuity: TFA or movie
Characters/Pairing: Scalpel, plus at least two others
Prompt/Premise: A possibly corrupted retelling of The Gift of the Magi with Scalpel removing and retaining the parts others surrender in order to obtain the gifts they want to give.
Preferred Rating: Mature for surgical details (or tamer, if you like)

31. Continuity: G1
Characters/Pairing: Optimus/Prowl
Prompt/Premise: I couldn't do this without you.
Preferred Rating: Any

ETA: also, i've been asked to provide links to the previous two years' prompts so people can continue to work on those. (a late gift is still a gift, after all!) fortunately, last year i had them all on the same list, and those can be found here. should you write for any of those prompts, please copy and include the header in your reply here.)
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