Fallen Sith Empress (eerian_sadow) wrote in tfic_contest,
Fallen Sith Empress

The Third Annual Holiday Ficlet Exchange!!

well, it's a little later than i wanted to put it up, but here is the prompt collection post for the third annual holiday exchange.


1. Respond to this post with fanfic requests - you can make up to three requests (the comments shall be screened).
1a. Use the following format when posting requests:
Preferred Rating:
2. On November 26rd, I will put all of the requests in a single post. (NOTE: You can still make requests in this post after November 26rd, and I will simply add it to the new post).
3. To fill a request, simply write the ficlet and respond with it on the next post, indicating which request you are filling.
4. If your request is filled, please feel free to respond to the person who wrote your ficlet! There's no point in anonymity when the request is filled. =)
4. You can fill as many requests as you like!
5. No ficlet should be longer than 1,000 words.
6. I urge you to write at least one fic if you make requests, but of course I cannot force you. ;-)
7. This will end on January 2, 2011 to cover everyone's winter holidays and bring in the new year with style. :D


this year, i'm changing it up a bit. prizes won't be announced until the prompt post on Nov. 26. hopefully, you'll think they're awesome and/or worth your time.

Have fun!
Tags: holiday exchange, mod post, third annual holiday exchange
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