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Community Moving

Greetings community members.

As many of you are now aware, Livejournal has transferred complete ownership and control over to their Russian counterpart company (a move we all knew would happen eventually, when they were bought out a few years ago) and updated their Terms and Conditions to force anyone using the platform to comply with Russian law regarding content, publication and speech.

This makes the content of this community questionable at best and obscene at worst. The site admins could, at any time, decide to simply delete this (and similar) fandom communities without notice. Also, related to the control move, Livejournal lost its SSL status earlier this week (it is currently restored, however that is always subject to change,) meaning that it could begin carrying malicious software and become vulnerable to a multitude of other threats.

With these issues in mind, tfic-contest is moving completely to Dreamwidth as of this week.

I have spent the last month contemplating a permanent move as my fellow mods and I scrambled to back up communities and duplicate content. We refused to let them shut down our fandom and erase our history, but it is in the best interest of the fandom to move the community to a safer platform. Tfic-contest has only recently been available over there but it has been backed up, with all posts copied over, comments preserved and tags imported. And, while this community will be officially closed it will not be deleted.

Starting from today, tfic-contest will be available exclusively on However, in case of any new posts happening here on Livejournal, the DW community will back up once a month to preserve them, just in case.

If you are not a DW member, fear not! Joining is free, does not currently require an invite code and runs very much like livejournal. You can even copy over your own personal LJ account and preserve your journal.

So, my fellow fans, as much as it pains me to finally turn off the lights in this creaky old LJ, I hope that you’ll move with us to Dreamwidth and that we can keep having the good times. And even if you don’t come with us, thank you for what you did share.

Find us here:

See you soon,
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Starting Over Again Contest Winners!

wow, i'm so sorry i took so long to get to this! i didn't realize i hadn't actually closed the voting poll! please forgive me, contestants!

anyway, here are the much-delayed results for the "Starting Over Again" contest!

1st Place: Yesterday's Ashes by yami_samuraiflo
2nd Place: Reflections by sammy_phoenix

both fics were fantastic and i hope everyone enjoyed them greatly! authors, if you will please email me with your preferred prize (either the LJ tokens or the Kreo kits) and a mailing address for any physical prizes, i will get them out to you ASAP. also, authors, if you will provide links to your preferred host once you have your fics uploaded, then i will update this post with links to your stories.

thanks for playing everyone! watch this space in August/September for the next round!
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(no subject)

at last, here is the deplorably late voting page for the April contest! please choose your favorite fic to take the first place prize! (one vote per person, please.)

voting will run for two weeks, ending on June 2, 2013.

Poll #1914270 Starting Over Again voting
This poll is closed.

Vote For Your Choice For First Place

Reflections (found here
Yesterday's Ashes (found here
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April Contest

Welcome back everyone! As promised, here is the April contest--though it is a few hours later than intended.

Your April Contest Prompt is:

Starting Over Again

The Rules:

1. Entries must be at least 500 words long, legible and spell checked.
2. Original Characters are OKAY!
3. Fics must include the header below for the contest. (author names will be kept secret until voting is over.)
4. Fics must be submitted to to be valid for the contest. They also Must Contain Your LJ Username. Please include a subject line that indicates a contest entry.

5. All fics are due at 11:59 PM CST on May 2, 2013.

Challenge Entry Header:
Word Count:

The Prize List
First Place: 1 Beast Hunters Dragon Assault Kre-o kit and one Kreon Microchanger or 1000 LJ Tokens
Second Place: 1 Beast Hunters Mech Venom Strike Kre-o kit or 500 LJ Tokens
Third Place: 1 Kreon Microchanger or 250 LJ Tokens

happy writing everyone!
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Upcoming Events

hello, everyone! I apologize for the long radio silence. every time I thought I could get this comm back up and running, another complication dragged me back down.

but, no more! our next contest will be in April! prizes will include Kreon Microchangers and Kreo kits! I just need your help with one tiny detail.

we need a theme. comment here with suggestions.

the party starts April 1st. (no foolin' this time!)